Saturday, December 19, 2015

How we are overcoming the challange of Transitioning physical therapy patients to personal training clients.

There has been an overwhelming need for Physical Therapy patients to continue their regimen once they are discharged. Unfortunately, there have not been enough measures taken to ensure this occurs. We have launched a nationwide program to assist PT patients once they leave their facility. Transitional planning will help maximize functional gains and enhance the patients overall experience and results.

 Historically there has been a lack of resources for patients to continue their rehabilitation once they complete their therapy.  As you know, there are numerous benefits from the use of linear cross trainers and they have become a staple in both PT clinics and cardiac rehabilitation programs. Linear cross-trainers have been used to help millions of patients rehabilitate following heart attacks, strokes, knee replacements, hip replacements, and back surgeries. PT patients are finding it a challenge locating a health club convenient to their location with similar equipment or they cannot afford to purchase the equipment to use as part of a home exercise program. 

Most linear cross trainers are in the price range of $4000-$5000 making it unrealistic for patients to purchase for home use. Often patients will end up searching for a used linear trainer with excessive wear and tear, and reluctantly overpay for used equipment with no warranty. We have resources across the U.S. that allow us to provide pre owned equipment for thousands less then what a patient or clinic would pay for brand new. Our equipment has been inspected, parts showing wear are replaced and warranties are included. We also offer wholesale pricing for other manufacturers and we offer free shipping anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. 

Our company provides high-end commercial grade equipment to health clubs, Physical Therapy clinics and residences across the U.S. and internationally. We work with all of the top manufacturers and we are currently aligning ourselves with PT clinics in the U.S. to help their patients maintain functional gains and continue to improve following discharge. 
We are receiving calls for this equipment from patients and therapists on a daily basis. As innovative fitness professionals it is our obligation to bridge the gap between Physical Therapy and the mainstream fitness industry.


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