Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and wellness 

There has been  an overwhelming need for Physical Therapy patients to continue working on their recovery once they have been discharged. Physical therapy can be physically demanding on PT patients, especially those patients who are unconditioned. Most PT patients are motivated to recover from their injury or ailment, but what happens are the appointments are no longer scheduled and the patients is left to rely on their own for their post-rehab exercise regimens. Adherence to a structured post-rehab exercise schedule can significantly reduce the overall time of the rehabilitation process. Transitional planning for PT patients will help maximize functional gains and enhance the patients overall experience and results. 
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Article by Mitchel Kaye, PT, Director of Quality Assurance, PTPN and Joyce Klee, PT, Co‑Owner, Clinton Physical Therapy Center,

Some of the most popular recumbent steppers that Physical therapy patients utilize for home use are the Nustep TRS 4000 , Nustep T5xr , Nustep TRS 3000  , Spirit CRS800S , SciFit Step One and the HCI PhysioStep LXT.