Anyone who has been a competitive athlete or has a competitive mindset has been here before. The problem is by the time you realize it, your too late. Some may think, to improve results, just train harder right? Not necessarily the case. At what point does your training become counter productive?  Repetitive program over training suggests that repetition of the same movement such as weight lifting, swinging a golf club or a bat can cause performance plateau or injury due to an adaption of the central nervous system.

Another example of over training is chronic overwork type training with high intensity or high volume and not giving the body adequate time for recovery. There is a fine line between pushing your body to it's maximum potential and over training without sufficient recovery time. Over training can lead to other negative side effects such as depression, insomnia and personality changes. Here are some signs that you or your client may be pushing it a bit to hard and you may want to make some adjustments in order to break through training plateaus.
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12 Signs you're over training